The best thing about winter might be layering. Wardrobe-wise I’m favoring a sheer turtleneck, deep V sweater, and a warm wool jacket. As for my face, it looks something like this: Marine Therapy Seaweed Eye Cream (not just for eyes anymore!), BB Beauty Balm in Light, and a dusting of Matte Finishing Powder. The key to layering is choosing pieces (or in this case products) that fit nicely underneath one another. I have a leather jacket, for example, that’s far too fitted to accommodate a hoodie—though I still try just about every morning. Putting my best winter face forward did require some trial and error ending in makeup that pilled over too thick a moisturizer, greasy face reminiscent of summer sweat, and the dreaded caking of undereye concealer, *gasp*.

The reason my three winners play so well together is because their textures work in tandem. I began using the Seaweed Eye Cream for its intended purpose but found that I loved the way it blended when I added concealer around my eyes. I also loved the glow it gave my whole eye area and decided to extend that down to my cheekbones with great results. Then the weather got colder and my skin got drier and I said, ‘screw it, if this stuff’s good enough for my eyes it’s good enough for my face.’ I haven’t looked back since. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend. It’s one of those products that has no added fragrance but smells naturally appealing. The subtle cucumber scent is sort of familiar and trustworthy. The formula’s hydrating, bouncy, and emollient. I smear a thin layer over my face, dotting some extra on the tops of my cheekbones.

Next comes the BB Balm, which I love because it has sunscreen, it provides coverage without covering up, and it blends into skin rather than sitting on top. The other upside is it doesn’t turn down the glow my cheekbones are rocking, even when I want to deposit a bit of coverage on top of ‘em. If anything it adds to that glow and could double as a highlighter, especially if you go a shade lighter. That said, it doesn’t dim the “glow” of my very shiny nose and chin either. A job which requires powder, but I’ve chosen one that’s translucent and colorless since I love the color I get from the BB Balm and don’t want to compromise it. I dust basically everywhere but the cheekbones (am I obsessed?). This powder, like a roomy jacket, is made for layering. It’s the perfect finishing touch and works with whatever makeup you’ve got under—not against it. Take your new and improved complexion outside and embrace this weather. Buy a decorative wreath. Play in the snow. Add lipstick as you see fit.