Besides being a beautiful bride herself, Flynn Pyykkonen is a talented makeup and hair artist with her own New York-based bridal beauty service. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on weddings and photo shoots and recently spoke with her about her own wedding to partner Becky Peters.

Q) Flynn!!!!! Congratulations, this is big. Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us and for taking the time to answer these questions for our readers. How should one go about choosing a makeup artist for their wedding? How do you know when you’ve found the ONE? 

A) Great Question! I think when looking for a makeup artist, it is not a one size fits all mentality. When I say that, I mean not only do you want a talented makeup artist who will make you look like your most beautiful self, but also someone who is going to complement your vibe and bring a positive attitude to your day!! I find that it is important to have a makeup artist whose personality you can mesh with. A wedding is a fun time, and you want a makeup artist who is excited to be working with you and who enjoys what they do! 

Q) How should a bride think about the look they want for their wedding day; where should they begin to look for inspo?

A) I always recommend Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines! I am still a magazine girl – especially Vogue Brides. I get a lot of inspiration from magazines and the internet!

Q)There is so much pressure to be perfect. Many brides go all-in with teeth whitening, brow re-shaping, facials, lazers, Botox – it can be overwhelming, costly, and very stressful. In your opinion, what is a sane approach to looking and feeling great?

A) Yes, the pressure is real! I have been getting facials every month and it can be costly plus time consuming! I think do what makes you feel good, but do it because you want to do it, not because you are about what others think. I also recommend drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest leading up to the big day! Also try to not drink too much alcohol the night before, you don’t want to spoil your day by being hungover on wedding day! 

Q) I know you’ve started working with FACE Stockholm products. Do you have any favorites, or any that you know you will recommend to your bridal clients?

A) I really like the Matte Lip Glosses which I will definitely recommend! I really love the formula and the longwear! Another product I love is the Precision Eye Liner and the Picture Perfect cream foundation with the Primer ,”


Lip stain – Long-lasting wear


Quick dry  – without streaks 


Full-cover – Coconut oil base

Q) Wedding prep can be just such a flurry of activity. Are there any suggestions you have to make sure everyone is relaxed, enjoying themselves – but still arrive on time for photos?

A) When I am preparing for my brides’ big day, I like to make a timeline with a buffer of some extra time. I find the more time we have for beauty prep, the more relaxed things are, because we are not rushing at the end. I also encourage music and mimosas 🙂 If I start to have a bride get anxious, I just tell her we are in the 4th quarter! Everything is going to be beautiful, no need to worry!

Q) Is there something you know from all the weddings you’ve worked on that really make a difference in how you planned your beauty routine on your day?

A.) I gave myself plenty of time to do my own makeup! I hardly do my own makeup anymore because I am constantly doing everyone else’s, but when I have a moment to really go through the whole process, I like to take my time because it relaxes me. I also wanted to savor the moment. I knew it would go quickly, so I really wanted to cherish each moment along with staying well hydrated. I even took a workout class the morning of! 🙂 

Q) Any advice about anything bridal that you’d like to add? 

A) I think weddings have become such a big business and that is wonderful, but the most important part about a wedding is sharing in a couple’s love! I think it is important to remember the reason for the celebration and not get too caught up in the details! 

Q) I’d like to say, congratulations from my heart to yours. You have always worked so hard, and with such care when we have worked together. It brings me great joy to see your happiness as you reach this milestone.

Thanks for the pictures! FACE Stockholm and I wish you much health and happiness. From this day forward!


Flynn Pyykkonnen