Me, Myself and… My Skin

As an employee of FACE Stockholm, I do have the luxury to try all our products and see how well they do on me. I am a 37+ woman with sensitive skin that dries out in the  winter but otherwise behaves itself, until it doesn’t. That being said, I do stay up-to-date on trends that come and go but I, like I assume everyone does, have a handful of trusted products that follow me everywhere and these three happen to be mine when it comes to FACE Stockholm skin/body care.

Yes, we are all busy, but people have been busy for decades and centuries and as the old saying goes, if you care about it, you make time for it. So I make time for my skin and my skin hopefully will make time (stop) for me. So when I can have those extra minutes in the bathroom and block everything out, these are my go-to steps:

Make Up Remover

It doesn’t matter if I don’t leave the house for 24 hours, I will always put on some kind of makeup, that’s just who I am. That means I need a makeup remover for when it comes time to wipe it off. This remover happens to have soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile that softens and soothes the skin – everything I am looking for – leaving the skin around my eyes feeling refreshed, calm and most importantly, cleaned.

I pour some on a washable cotton pad and lightly go over, spending a few extra moments on my actual eyelids and lashes so it has time to activate. I tend to use on dry skin to remove impurities and makeup, or on wet skin for a refreshing feel in the mornings.

Aloe Vera Cream

When nighttime hits and I finally get to jump into bed, I can feel how much dryness is in the air and it is just sucking my skin into dust particles, and I need something that is strong enough to leave some moisture for my face.

This Aloe Vera Cream is very hydrating, calming and nourishing and does not clog the pores. If you have thirsty skin like me, it will drink this moisturizer right up and live off the nutrients and Hyaluronic Acid which plumps and revitalizes. This is also a relief for sunburned summer skin (or so I have heard since I am always In.The.Shade!).

Seaweed Eye Cream

If you only take one product from this write up – make it the Seaweed Eye Cream. It so efficient and calming, and should really come in an industrial-sized tube because this is everything you want your eye cream to be. To give it a formal description, it’s a lightweight moisturizing eye cream with anti-aging benefits, leaving the eye area revitalized and cool. I apply a small amount around the eye area moving from inner to outer corners, and then I do the same just below the brow bone. Not sure if that does anything, but it does feel good! Rapidly absorbing, hydrating & firming – this could be the beginning of a beautiful love story between you and eye!

Crystal Deodorant

While not strictly ‘skincare’ I have to give an honorable mention to our minimalist’s dream, the Crystal Deodorant.  This sweet roll-on has only two ingredients: natural mineral salts and water.  Keeping me feeling good and clean without any added irritating additives or fragrance and earns bonus points for the retro roller-ball applicator.