Who’d have thought sneakers and lipstick would prove to be such a winning pair, but our “Lips & Kicks” collaboration with Reebok has been just that, a dream team you might say, that has been received with enthusiasm worldwide.   Who doesn’t love a new pair of sneakers to pick up the pace!
Already headed into our third season as partners, the Reebok Classic has taken on a fun fresh look, inspired by the bold colors of FACE Stockholm’s modern makeup palette.  And really, it makes sense; the right lipstick, the right pair of shoes, they’re the finishing touches- put them together, let feet meet FACE, and you’ve got a champion!

Our partnership with Reebok is moving at an inspired pace and we aren’t winded yet!  With more amazing collections in the lineup for 2017 we’re on track to stay energized and beautiful as we look to celebrate a shared anniversary.   Hard to believe, but it will be 35 years since FACE Stockholm opened it’s doors in Sweden and Reebok Classic introduced the first ever aerobic shoe for women, the Freestyle. Both born in 1982, we at FACE Stockholm & Reebok also share a determination to empower women and instill confidence through the products and services we offer and we’d like to think, that after all these years, this is one of the reasons we’re still running strong.