Skin Cleanser Kit

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The perfect duo to keep your skin in check.  Our all-skins-friendly Seaweed Cleanser to start and end each day, and our ultra-gentle yet effective Green Tea Exfoliator, for when you need a little soothing-smoothing.  Product details below:


Seaweed Cleanser

Newly reformulated!  A deep-cleansing wash with Seaweed and Floral Extracts, Rose Hip Seed Oil, and Neem Leaf.  Delivers Collagen-boosting Vitamins A & C while thoroughly washing away dirt and makeup.  Use daily.

NOTE:  This is a naturally-derived product with no preservatives. Variations in color, scent, and texture may occur and are perfectly normal.

8 oz.

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Green Tea Exfoliator

This detoxifying and purifying exfoliator is a delicate souffle of Green Tea, Aloe, and Papaya Fruit Extract. Carefully blended to deliver rich nutrients deep into the pores, the micro-sized scrubbing particles gently remove dead skin cells and assist in preventing the formation of blemishes without irritation. For all skin types.

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