Cream Lipstick

Perfect, rich cream coverage in a multitude of delectable sheer, shimmer and non-shimmer shades.

$ 24.00

Weight 0.0074 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 0.75 × 0.75 in
Cream Lipstick

Parla, Hope, Genius, Vision, Softly, Faded Rose, Independent, Sofia, Cream, Glowing, Sheer, Nude, Caramel, Velvet, Njuta, Dream, Mocha, Honey, Cameo, Sorbet, Citrus, Curry, Flirt, Energy, Doubt, Future, Alive, Tint, Naked, Fame Factory, Truth, Fantasy, Kyss, Sofi's, Berora, Lavender, Nouveau, Instinct, Hibiscus, Cool, Glöd, Gazpacho, Hjarta, Lycka, Ladakh, Gladje, Lättsam, Sunflower, Leva, Light Mist, Love It, Mango, Please, Modesty, New Rose, Romance, Beach, Nöje, Provocative, Scorpio, Smile, VIP, Irresistable, Potential, Prophecy, Om, Satin Rose, Summer, Neon Pink, Significant, Åtrå, Look, Express, GGarbo, Joy, Spicy, Flame Red, Striking, Success, Toffee, Unexpected, UpBeat, Vallmo, Vibe, Ullas Röda, Silk, Seduction, Narhet, Ansvar, Faith, Bronze, Fresh Plum, Cognac, Garnet, Ash, Priceless, Desire, Divine, Beloved, Alskling, Attitude, Eggplant, Ambition, Saint, Hero, Guru, Fearless