Last blog post we gave you a look at some of our favorite products to pair up. If you’re like us , sometimes you like to stray from the norm. These odd couples will allow you to do just that, without the risk of looking like you tried very hard to get the look.

Shimmery, tanned and perfect skin. Every girl’s dream is easily achievable with just two products: the Tinted Moisturizer and any of our Highliters. Last week we talked about the Tinted Moisturizer’s magic powers when it comes to covering and protecting your skin. When mixed with a Highliter, you will literally GLOW. Blend your Tinted Moisturizer and Highliter separately, we recommend using the back of your hand. Once you’ve achieved the perfect coverage to shimmer ratio, simply blend on to your face as you would your regular foundation

You just went from “haven’t-seen-much-sun” to “just-returned-from-a-beachy-get-away”.

Who would have thought Pot Gloss and Eye Dust would work so beautifully together?! These two products seem light-years apart, but when paired together they add some serious dimension to your pout. Start by applying the pot gloss (in whichever color you fancy), with either your finger or a brush. After your lips are covered you can add the eye dust by first dabbing, then blending. Again, your finger or a brush are both acceptable applicators.

Voila! You’ve just created seriously shimmery lip.

You’ve got to work quickly on this one ladies. Pick your colors ahead of time, and get ready to apply one immediately after the other. Start by applying the Cream Eyeshadow with either your finger or a brush. While your shadow is still wet, dab the Galaxy onto your eyes. By allowing the Cream Eyeshadow to dry with the Galaxy on it, you are setting your look for hours to come.

What is it people say, you’ve “got stars in your eyes”?

Look = achieved.

Get out there, be a little different and show us how you pair the Odd Couples with the hashtag #showusyourFACE on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you beauties come up with!


xx FACE Stockholm