Four has always been my favorite number. I’m not sure why, exactly, but to me it feels like Goldilocks. I’m cursed with indecision, and four has a way of narrowing it down just enough without overwhelming me. When it comes to summer makeup, the magic number makes an appearance in my new secret weapon, the Nude Color Wheel. It’s composed of four sheer, dewy slices of color that work literally anywhere (including collarbones, if you’re so inclined). And it’s assembled into one compact wheel.

If you’re feeling particularly crippled by the heat and can’t be bothered to make a decision, simply spin the wheel and, honestly, any of the four shades— two nude pinks, one sheer balm, and the perfect frosty highlighter will improve most regions of your face.

I usually go straight for the highlighter on my cheekbones and just underneath my brows, and I’ve recently been dipping into the sheer rose balm as a way to retain that summer glisten even when spending the day in front of the AC.

When outdoors, my whole face is just a bit pinker from June to September, and I’m actually obsessed with enhancing this (or rather, making it look purposeful). Enter, my old friend blush. While I love the light catching, cheekbone-enhancing, superpowered highlighter, and the jelly-like sheen of the rose salve, I must say my favorite slice of this pie might be the perfect pink blush.

It seems reductive and wrong to call it blush, since I often layer it on my lips because who can be bothered with lipstick in this heat, but the color truly shines when rubbed onto the apples of your cheeks. I use my fingers to blend and achieve the perfect, wholesome, I-just-baked-a-cherry-pie glow. For me, it’s still too hot to turn on the oven. Instead I’ve been throwing on a slip dress and espadrilles and tossing my Nude Color Wheel into the loveliest vintage picnic basket I picked up on Etsy— it’s adorable but doesn’t have much space. Thankfully the Nude Wheel is all the makeup I need. And someday I’ll remember my sunscreen.

Smart Wheel