This is how I make my summer life easy!

The summer season is FULL of beauty! Everywhere you look whether it’s in the countryside, city or by the sea, you are struck by life and light. You want to make the most of the summer, and your valuable time. I love makeup, but I love summer more, and I don’t want to miss out on anything!

This time of the year I flourish and sparkle more than I do the rest of the year. Most of us do. Therefor my 2-minutes in front of the mirror is perfect for me to start my active, or lazy day. As a Makeup artist I spend my working time being very attentive to everyone else’s needs so when I am off I let go completely. Zoning out! “Gone fishing”-kind of mood.

Holiday or work, your beauty regimen changes with the season. I have picked some of my favorite products for an easy and safe FACE! All of these products I have used myself, therefor I can absolutely vouch for them. I did not just try them out to write about them.

I love being outdoors, never sunbathe though. I NEVER expose myself to strong, harsh sun without protection. My whole adult life I have been walking around summertime (or when in sun) looking like I have dipped my face in a bowl of cream. A generous layer on your skin is the only way to guarantee the products promised protection.

Important to spotlight; to protect your skin from the harsh rays of sunshine IS the best ”anti-age” there is! Having a skin damaged by the sun is irreversible. Nothing on earth can turn back time or mend what is once damaged. I consistently and generously moisturize my face, walking around white and shiny. I do not care if I look silly, at least my face is safe!

So believe you me the” Hallelujah moment” I felt when I tried FACE Stockholm’s BB Natural Beauty Balm with SPF 30 for the first time, I looked good and I felt safe! BB Natural Beauty Balm comes in two shades; I use them both. I use the Light shade on the high parts of my face, and the Dark one to shade. That’s how I avoid a” flat” face. If you want more blush for a fresher, sportier look? Add Cream Blush!

BB Natural Beauty Balm with SPF 30

BB Cream:

BB Cream:

I have a travel friendly makeup bag (Lyx Large) and for summer it fits ALL the products I use this season:

  1. 2 x BB Natural Beauty Balm, (My sunscreen)
  2. Cream Blush (Tripoli)
  3. My Eye Pencil (black) – This I only use on the eyelid’s waterline for intense and flirty effect.
  4. Eyelash curler! My absolute favorite tool.
  5. Water-resistant Mascara – In my age (past 50, I work up. So I only apply on top lashes in this case.
  6. Cream lipstick (usually in shades Mauve or Nude in the day and Ulla’s Röda at night) – no lip pencil just generously apply lipstick for full lip protection.
  7. A mascara brush or toothbrush for my brows since I am very generous with my BB Natural Beauty Balm it tends to get on my eyebrows as well and it makes them disappear. Makes more sense to get the cream off than use a pen to put them back on if you want to keep it simple, don´t you think?

Cream Blush:

Eye Pencil:


Water Resistant

Cream Lipstick:
Ullas Röda

Makeup Bag:
Lyx Small

This Is My 2- Minutes!

Remember when you use water-resistant products you rely on them to stay on safe. So try not to stress removing it so quickly. FACE Stockholm Make-Up Remover with jojoba and olive oil is sooo efficient. Just let the remover work its magic for at least 30 seconds. Gently massage face and neck, add water and give it a chance to dissolve. While waiting brush your teeth, floss or something if you are impatient. Rinse thoroughly.

After cleaning it’s time for the 24-hour moisturizer: The Orange Cream! Full of lovely oils and perfect for my lazy/practical persona. I use it all over face and neck.

Makeup Remover

Orange Cream


I am a very energetic woman with mature skin. Normal to dry. I have soft pigmentation around the mouth area. But the BB-cream covers that.

Sporty. With lots shine if your skin is normal to more prone to shine.


Mia Högfeldt