Our Fresh Face Foundation has seen me through it all— redness, dullness, general unevenness. It’s never struck me as the most exciting product in my makeup bag, but it’s certainly a dependable old friend. What happens when your most dependable friend gets a sexy, dewy update? Our relationship has never been better— and my skin’s never looked fresher.


Fresh Face Foundation Fräsch


Fresh Face Foundation Noble


Fresh Face Foundation Optimal


Fresh Face Foundation Satin


Fresh Face Foundation Noble

There are a couple things happening: the first is the addition of Larch Tree extract which is a potent skincare ingredient that adds moisture and an even more emollient quality to the foundation, plus has wrinkle-fighting benefits. Next is the addition of Aloe to the formula. This makes for a smoother, more gel-like texture— it moves with your face instead of sitting on top, which is nice for me because I tend to make overly expressive faces. While that can get me in trouble from time to time, at least it’s not making my foundation cake or crease. The Aloe’s also soothing and calms my skin after a too-aggressive morning wash or an afternoon exfoliation experiment gone awry.

The last big update to Fresh Face Foundation is that it now comes in a bunch more shades. I’m a completely different shade in in different seasons, and I also just like the control that comes with being able to mix several shades together. Fresh Face Foundation has been such a longtime bestseller, it just makes sense to offer this signature buildable, moisturizing formula to more skin tones. The newest shades are: Holiday, Bare, Invisible, Season, and Balance, and now there’s literally no excuse not to spend every season throughout the year with a perfectly even skin tone.