I absolutely love the colors and the vibes. You know when you get up in the morning to get to wherever you are going? You have to be somewhere, whether it is to the office, school, appointments or meetings etc.

You need to straighten up. You have a different attitude from your lazy days of summer. Or at least that’s how it is for me. It’s not so much to do with your activity and how you spend your time, but the energy that’s in the air. It’s the buzz!!!

I have longed to get back into the saddle. So here we go!

To be able to pick and choose between FACE Stockholm’s wide selection of makeup and tools – it’s only your mind that limits what you can do.

Here in Scandinavia the leaves are beginning to change colors. The light has changed. The air is crisper.

This fall look is playful, yet the technique is simple: Clean skin, rosy cheeks and curious eyes.

That’s how I like it, curious and playful. That’s me in a nutshell. I usually say that is the secret behind a good makeup artist. To be curious and playful, like a child with nothing blocking your creativity. Nothing in your way of having a fun time in front of the mirror. But for most of us there is no excess time in our life to do so. We have to make space in our everyday life. It’s all about priorities. 😉

It’s a good thing this is a ‘quickie’.

Tinted Mineral Moisturizer is a good foundation for a sheer yet effective base. SPF20. Dewy skin is very fresh and easy to maintain. With colder, more dry air around the corner it’s also very comfortable as skin gets more and more thirsty. I love my tools and the foundation Brush #34 is perfect for blending. Let your daily moisturizer set a minute or two before you apply the base.

Prime with Eye Fix on the lids, modestly. Go easy with the primers in general. Less IS more! Follow with Matte Eye Shadow in Mist. Don’t be afraid to get eyeshadow on your lashes. It will absorb any grease you have from previous products that might make it hard for your mascara to work wonders with your lashes. 😉

Tinted Mineral

Foundation Brush:


Matte Eye Shadow:

Now it’s time for magic, Eye Dust! On the catwalk for fall we saw childish, playful faces with little or no mascara. I love to simplify, it brings out the artist in everybody! Using Eye Dust in Playful, you work the inner part of the eye, top and bottom. Eye Dust in Sound is applied on the other half, the outer parts. You can use your fingers as a tool as it’s easier to get the product in place. Use a brush to blend (blender Brush #39) for a soft fade.

Eye Dust:

Eye Dust:

Blender Brush:

Curl the lashes. Get as close to the roots as possible to get the max ”eye opener effect”. The final touch of the eyes is mascara! Here very softly applied on top lashes. Tame the brows with Brow Fix Tinted.


Tinted Brow

I leave the base as it is, no powder. Cream Blush in Salvador adds, ”I´ve just been on a brisk walk” cheeks. The beautiful, versatile Highliter in Dignity is very useful. Here it’s applied on the cheekbones for accentuation; also forehead, lips. A very good friend in your makeup-bag indeed.

If you feel that your skin is greasy and want to blot the T-zone do so AFTER the cream rouge or choose a dry pressed Blush instead. Cream on cream, dry on dry. Of course there are exceptions but it’s a good rule to take with you.

Now gloss the lips with #43 Lipgloss. The look for fall is all about glossy lips and dewy skin.

Cream Blush:



Done! I timed myself and it took me ten minutes without rushing. 😉

Good luck! Have fun!

In love´n laughter! Play away!

(My colleague and co-worker Maurine Tugavune created this look.