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Category - FS strories

Iggesund x FACE Stockholm

For the past few years, FACE Stockholm has partnered with Iggesund, a (fellow Swede!) paperboard company completely 100% dedicated to sustainability. Their paper products, used as boxes for our products, are sourced from sustainably managed Swedish forests, meaning they put back in to Mother Earth exactly what they take out. Iggesund Mill itself is actually biofuel-powered. Needless to say it’s a company we are extremely proud to be working with, and delighted to place our products in, as we know…

Reclaim Your Eyeshadow in 2019

Bored with traditional eyeshadow colors? How about those palettes insisting there’s only one way to apply each color? Thought so. I am too, because it’s 2019, the future, where robots control our households and probably soon, our minds. It’s time to reclaim your eyeshadow palettes!

Fall/Winter 2018

Get the vibe & shop the look!

Fresh Face Foundation Gets Fresher

Our Fresh Face Foundation has seen me through it all— redness, dullness, general unevenness. It’s never struck me as the most exciting product in my makeup bag, but it’s certainly a dependable old friend.

The Nude Color Wheel Is Just-Right

When it comes to summer makeup, the magic number makes an appearance in my new secret weapon, the Nude Color Wheel. It’s composed of four sheer, dewy slices of color that work literally anywhere.

Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day or just Mothers in general year round, our Owner and President (mother-daughter duo) know how to make mothers feel extra special! Take a look at Martina’s and Gun’s favorite and carefully selected products.


The best thing about winter might be layering. The key to layering is choosing pieces (or in this case products) that fit nicely underneath one another.