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Author - Rochelle Bostrom

Fresh Face Foundation Gets Fresher

Our Fresh Face Foundation has seen me through it all— redness, dullness, general unevenness. It’s never struck me as the most exciting product in my makeup bag, but it’s certainly a dependable old friend.

The Nude Color Wheel Is Just-Right

When it comes to summer makeup, the magic number makes an appearance in my new secret weapon, the Nude Color Wheel. It’s composed of four sheer, dewy slices of color that work literally anywhere.

Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day or just Mothers in general year round, our Owner and President (mother-daughter duo) know how to make mothers feel extra special! Take a look at Martina’s and Gun’s favorite and carefully selected products.


The best thing about winter might be layering. The key to layering is choosing pieces (or in this case products) that fit nicely underneath one another.

FACE Stockholm at Anthropologie & Co.

Gone is the allure of traditional department stores. Most have become so drab and interchangeable that a Miracle on 34th Street merely means no line for the restroom at Macy’s. But there’s a new brand of department store on the block, one that lulls visitors into a world so full of color, texture, and whimsy that just about anything seems possible. I’m referring to Anthropologie and their new concept stores, located in 10 various locations around the country. But these…


This isn’t a fashion show. No tips and tricks from the runway here. Though I have spent a lot of time backstage recently– in an Off-Broadway play!

Behind the Brush: FACE Stockholm’s Lead Makeup Artist Helen Andersson

Doing makeup is more like sculpting than painting to me. I try to get a feel for someone’s bone structure by touch and then work on bringing out the beauty before covering anything up.

Odd Couples

If you’re like us , sometimes you like to stray from the norm. These odd couples will allow you to do just that, without the risk of looking like you tried very hard to get the look.

Perfect Pairs

We know finding your perfect match isn’t easy, so we have put together a few products that work flawlessly together.

The Modern Classic

Keeping it crisp, clean, and classic never felt (or looked!) so good. We’ve taken a fresh look at a classic FACE and given it a revamp fit for the future. The Modern Classic.