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Author - Darko | Dapper

Start Fresh and Fresh Start

Me, Myself and... My Skin As an employee of FACE Stockholm, I do have the luxury to try all our products and see how well they do on me. I am a 37+ woman with sensitive skin that dries out in the  winter but otherwise behaves itself, until it doesn't. That being said, I do stay up-to-date on trends that come and go but I, like I assume everyone does, have a handful of trusted products that follow me everywhere…

Reclaim Your Eyeshadow in 2019

Bored with traditional eyeshadow colors? How about those palettes insisting there’s only one way to apply each color? Thought so. I am too, because it’s 2019, the future, where robots control our households and probably soon, our minds. It’s time to reclaim your eyeshadow palettes!

Fall/Winter 2018

Get the vibe & shop the look!