This Fall, we had the opportunity to work with a really special photographer, working on a really special project. Kelly Merchant, (along with Akira Ohiso and Ellie Ohiso) is the driving force behind Photography For Girls. A movement that consists of photographing women on their terms with realistic representation, portraying them in a light where they are comfortable in their own skin.

“I’ve worked commercially and artistically as a photographer for years. Seeing the way women are used and perceived within the industry can be heartbreaking at times. I do my best to do my part to push what can be “sell-able” within the industry- More diversity, more realistic. Photography For Girls was a way for me to empower woman to have more control over how they were viewed. The interviews are incredibly honest and no matter what age or ethnicity these woman are, every single one touches on the kernel of self doubt all women seem to feel.

I think most women feel pressure to be everything – successful, beautiful, happy, nice, a good mother, wife, sister or daughter. These labels; most of them are based on a woman’s relationship to someone else.

I hope that men view this project as a window into a woman’s world, the women they love, to glimpse the complexities, the balancing acts women perform.

I am thrilled that FACE Stockholm has embraced this project, although I am not surprised. This family-owned/women-owned company encourages artistry and play with their makeup as well as encouraging women to feel good about themselves.”

The first Book is out now, with the second in progress.

Ruby, this Fall’s model, is a part of this campaign. The 16 year old artist believes and supports the message Photography for Girls is trying to get across. “My artistic outlook is believing that people will be changed by the beauty that human beings can put into this world.”

Photography for Girls confronts feminine stereotypes, something we at FACE Stockholm can fully get behind!

Helen Andersson, our Lead Makeup Artist, was the creative force behind our Fall Look. Inspired by Ruby’s locks and translucent complexion, Helen brought in pinks and bluish reds to compliment her fiery hair. The result is an angelic yet singular look that can be rocked day or night. Blotted lips make for a subtler effect while throwing a gloss on top of Saint adds extra sheen for a night out.

Along with the makeup, Helen used a specific set of brushes to achieve this look. Brushes #33 and #34, (they’re VEGAN people!) were used to apply Ruby’s Foundation and Crème Blush.

Brushes #15 and #16 were used with the Krämögonskugga and Highlighter, while the lip was finished using our Retractable Lip Brush.